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About us

Welcome to Kirklees College

Kirklees College is a large, successful further education college offering over 300 full-time courses and apprenticeships for young people. 

Our mission is to create opportunity and change lives by providing high quality teaching and supporting your personal development to allow you to successfully progress into further training, employment or higher education. 

Specialising in vocational courses, the college offers hands-on, practical learning in subject areas such as animal care, business, children and families, hair and beauty, construction, engineering, creative industries and more to allow you to reach your full potential and progress to further training, higher education or employment.  

Kirklees College is extremely proud of the eight centres that make up its vibrant campus. The college aims to provide you with the highest standard of education by offering state-of-the-art facilities that create an engaging environment in which to deliver high-quality teaching. The interactive classrooms create a fresh and positive experience, whilst the hair and beauty salons, commercial kitchens, forensic science labs and mock air cabin give you the chance to train in a real-life environment. 

In addition to supporting and challenging you to develop your skills and knowledge in the classroom, you are given the opportunity to complete a placement to gain valuable experience in the workplace. Working closely in partnership with industry employers, such as Kirklees Council, Hovis, Coca Cola, Myers Group and Microsoft, the college ensures that you are equipped with the skills in demand by employers and have access to the latest apprenticeships and career progression opportunities.  

We are hosting a series of Virtual Open Days in November, January, March, June and July. If you would like to attend a live event please visit our website or take a virtual tour of our facilities. More information can be found at  

Your college experience starts with you and we look forward to guiding you through the next chapter of your educational journey. #ItStartsWithYou 

Course Areas: 

• art and design 

• animal care, equine and land-based 

• business and enterprise 

• computing and ICT 

• construction 

• children and families 

• engineering 


• foundation learning 

• hair and beauty 

• media 

• motor vehicle 

• health and social care 

• hospitality and catering 

• music  

• performing arts 

• process manufacturing 

• public services 

• travel and tourism 

• science  

• sport 

Student support

When you join Kirklees College, our dedicated teams will work with you to make sure you feel safe, supported and are successful in your studies. 

You will have access to a huge range of support programmes and provisions, including: 

1. Internal Support Teams – Your progression, achievement and development are important to us. You will be assigned a Progress Coach who will support you in your studies and engage in regular Progression Achievement Development (PAD) reviews to help you achieve your personal and academic goals. 

2. Financial Support – Whether you are applying for grants or loans or need to understand the types of support and funding available, we have the information you need and a team in place for you to talk through your options. 

3. Health and Wellbeing – The college offers a free, non-judgemental counselling service that employs a team of skilled professionals who can support you if you are dealing with any issues. You will also have access to external services if needed, including free access to ‘Togetherall’, a free online mental health service. The on-site gym is also free to students and runs health and wellbeing activities, such as mindfulness and meditation.  

4. Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) – As well as Quality First Teaching through differentiation, adjustments and personalised learning methods, the college has teams dedicated to delivering additional learning support according to each individual’s needs.  

The college assign a Curriculum Learning Mentor (CLM) to each faculty area who can provide English and maths support to those with specific learning difficulties, such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Dysgraphia.  

Our ALPS (Access to Learning and Personal Support) Team can support students with a disability, learning difficult or health problem. They provide support for additional learning needs, physical disabilities, ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and social and emotional mental health needs. 

Our specialist Deaf Support and Visual Impairment Support Teams can assist students who are deaf / hard of hearing or blind / visually impaired by agreeing a support plan with you that can be regularly reviewed. 

5. Careers advice – Our team of professional careers advisors provide information, advice and guidance to current and prospective students, including interview, UCAS and university applications and job searching. 

What makes us different?

So why choose Kirklees College?  

1. Employability and facilities – Taught by industry experienced tutors, our courses offer practical training to provide you with real-world experience and skills that can be utilised in the workplace. Our state-of-the art facilities allow you to use industry-standard equipment to learn the skills employers demand. 

2. Extensive apprenticeship programmes – As an apprentice at Kirklees College, you will get to learn while you earn. Kirklees College offers the widest range of apprenticeships in Calderdale and Kirklees and train approximately 2,000 apprentices over 30 occupational areas who are employed at over 1,000 companies in West Yorkshire. 

3. Hands-on learning – At Kirklees College, we offer an alternative study route for those who prefer a more hands-on learning approach. A vocational course focuses more on practical learning rather than the traditional method, which is heavily based on course work and exams. Many of our vocational courses equate to enough UCAS points if you wish to go to university. From BTECs to Diplomas and NVQs, we offer a variety of study options to suit you. 

4. Employers and Work Placements – With great working connections across West Yorkshire, Kirklees College can connect you to the right employer. Kirklees College has a dedicated Apprenticeships and Work Placement Team on hand to support you in navigating the working world.  


Each of the college’s eight centres are conveniently located and can be accessed via public transport. The Engineering, PMC, Brunel and Taylor Hill centres also offer student parking.  
Our main centres, Huddersfield Centre and Springfield Sixth Form Centre in Dewsbury, are approximately a 10-minute walk away from the bus and train stations. 

Additional information

1. COLS Awards ceremony – At Kirklees College, we love to celebrate the hard work and efforts our students put in to their studies. The annual College Outstanding Learner Success Awards originated from the Thomas Armytage’s Technical School Endowment of 1879 and students are acknowledged for their academic performance, contribution to college life and personal qualities. 
2. Alumni – Over the years, Kirklees College has amassed a number of distinguished alumni who are notable for their achievements in a range of sectors. 
• Nafisa Tosh – Fashion Designer / Stylist who has worked for multiple designer fashion house, including Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and Prada. 
• Lisa Wood (Tula Lotay) – Comic artist for Marvel and DC 
• Fez Batista – Professional sportsman 
• Jodie Whittaker – Actress and the current Doctor Who 
• Paula Lane – Actress who is best known for playing the role of Kylie Platt on Coronation Street 
• iBallistic Squid – YouTuber 
3. College achievements – The college’s commitment to creating opportunities and changing lives has resulted in the following accolades:  
• Ofsted Good rating 
• Silver TEF Award for teaching quality and student outcomes for Higher Education courses 
• Official education and training partner of Huddersfield Town 
• ABC Awards Showcase Status – Counselling 
• Microsoft Showcase College 2020 
• TES FE Award winner 2018 – Support for Students 

Harriet Bean

Harriet Bean studied BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in Applied Science for two years at Kirklees College as part of her Laboratory Technician apprenticeship with BASF. 

Whilst completing the course, Harriet gained the industry knowledge and skills needed in her chosen career, including dealing with contingencies and reporting. The course taught her the fundamental elements of her job which she could then apply to the processes that she carried out on a daily basis.  

On a typical day during her apprenticeship, Harriet was responsible for improving production processes and ensuring quality throughout the site, consisting of producing a small-scale polymerisation in the lab and carrying out testing on lab and plant samples.  

When advising future students on studying the Applied Science course at Kirklees College, Harriet said: 

“It is a highly interesting course that covers all three sciences and allows you to independently explore the aspects of science that interest you the most.” 

Harriet is now going on to complete a four-year degree level apprenticeship in chemical science at Manchester Metropolitan University and is looking forward to a rewarding career at BASF. 

If you’re interested in studying this course or want more information, please visit the course page HERE.

Eriona Hasanaj

Kirklees College welcomes a range of students from different backgrounds and countries. One such student is Eriona Hasanaj, who started studying ESOL at Kirklees College, and after completing a Level 1 course, progressed on to the Level 2 Business course at the Springfield Sixth Form Centre. 

Eriona migrated two years ago to the UK with a desire to gain a qualification in Business. She aspires to eventually go to university to complete a law degree and pursue a career as a solicitor. 

Speaking about her experience at the college, Eriona expressed how easy it was for her to integrate into college life, commenting: 

“The online resources are really useful and easy to use. I felt comfortable in the college environment and supported by the teachers. I was impressed with facilities available to students and the fact that the centre is close to home is also a bonus.” 

Eriona mentioned that the most valuable experience she has undertaken on the course so far is working on a project using Lloyds Bank as a case study, where students had to analyse their campaigns before presenting the findings. 

Eriona also expressed that the course has given her a massive confidence boost and helped her to improve her communication and writing skills.  

When asked what advice she would give to students in a similar position or wanting to study this course, Eriona said: 

“I would recommend this course as it has helped to improve both my confidence and knowledge. The teachers, resources and overall centre are all amazing and you won’t regret coming here. If you believe in yourself and work hard, you can achieve anything set your mind to.” 

If you’re interested in studying this course or want more information, please visit the course page HERE.

Shaan Ali

Shaan Ali is currently undertaking a level 3 business course at the Springfield Sixth Form Centre. Shaan started at Kirklees College studying the level 2 business before progressing to the level 3 course.  

The course has allowed Shaan to develop his personal interest in business management and hopes to own his own business buying and selling cars in the future.  

Shaan spoke about how the course has helped him gain key skills to help him achieve his career goals, including confidence, presentation and communication skills. His most valuable experience at the college was at the Christmas market stalls held in Dewsbury town centre, where students had the unique opportunity to sell items to the public. He spent his day selling wigs to customers.  

Speaking about what he learnt from the experience, he said: “It was great to get some real-life experience to gain practical skills and learn how to improve my customer service skills.” 

He credited Kirklees College for helping him to grow as an individual and is looking forward to utilising the skills and knowledge he has gained from the course in the real world. Advising all future students, Shaan expressed how his experience at the Kirklees College has been amazing and said: 

“The teachers are supportive and will help you throughout the course. The facilities, resources and the support provided have allowed me to achieve great results.” 

If you’re interested in studying this course or want more information, please visit the course page HERE.