The Opportunity Centre- Dewsbury (formerly Aspire-Igen)

The opportunity centre, 25-27 Westgate, Dewsbury , WF13 1JQ

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About us

We are an independent learning provider in the heart of Dewsbury. Catering to Post-16 education, accepting students throughout the year. We aim to provide the best service for our students, applying learning strategies to the individual and supporting everyone on their own personal academic journey. Our priority is that our students experience a learning environment which is positive, respectful, filled with expert knowledge and professional with the hopes that when they progress they will be fully equipped for a life filled with meaningful employment opportunities. 

Student support

We support our students within every aspect of college. We have an EHCP officer who is there to support our Educational Health Care Plan Students. We have a safeguarding officer who is always available to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students. We have a Learning Support officer who is always available to help advise and guide the students on both an academic and personal level. 

We offer Bursary's which help with travel and food costs. Along with this we also offer a technology bursary which will provide the student with a chromebook so that they can complete their work from home. *Eligibility to these  are subject to requirements*