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Arts, Media and Publishing

Arts, Media and Publishing
Arts, Media and Publishing
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Code MED
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Media Studies is a course that teaches students not only to analyse what they see before them, it also teaches team work skills, presentation skills and investigation skills. The course offers the opportunity to study a wide range of media in great depth and is a course that students have traditionally found accessible, enjoyable and educationally stimulating.

Media Studiesrelies on understanding some Key concepts and the course centres on teaching these concepts to students.


Media Studies relies on understanding some Key concepts and the course centres on teaching these concepts to students :

Representation - who is being represented and why are they being represented in that way?

Language and Form - techniques, denotations and connotations of various images and texts

Narrative - character delineation, structure, the way that a text is put together

Genre - textual genre - does is follow conventions or play with them? What are conventions?

Institutions - what are they? How do they influence the text and the way a message is presented?

Values and Ideology - what are the values within the medium and how do they affect the way the medium is used?

Audiences - who are the audience? How does the audience shape the medium?

The course is divided into 4 modules - 2 in the first year contributing to an AS level, and 2 in second year which (when combined with the first two modules) gives an overall A-level. Students can decide at the end of the AS level if they wish to proceed to the A2 level.

AS Level (first year of the course)

Unit 1 introduces students to the Key Concepts that are so central to Media Studies in a wide range of media and contexts. Unit 1 offers an opportunity to study film, broadcast fiction, and advertising.


Unit 2 is the practical production element of the course and offers the chance to put into practice the skills learnt in the first unit. Students have the opportunity to produce their own short films etc. at this point.


A2 Level (second year of the course)

Unit 3 is based on pre-set topic area in the media, looking at theories, issues and debates.


Unit 4 is based on research and production. Independent study and linked practical production.



How will it be delivered?


MEST 1.- 2 hour exam - 50% of AS (25% of A-Level)

MEST 2.- Practical coursework - 50% of AS marks (25% of A-Level)


MEST 3. - 2 hour exam - 25% of A-Level marks

MEST 4. - Practical coursework - 25% of A-Level marks

Entry requirements

At least a grade C in English Language is preferred.

Students must have successfully completed AS level in order to progress onto A2.

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Media Studies opens up huge choices for Universities and ever widening career possibilities in fields such as journalism, advertising, marketing, IT roles and New Media production.