A Level French

Business, Administration and Law

Business, Administration and Law
Business, Administration and Law
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What will you be working towards?

Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


French A-Level is a two-year course, combining the AS and A2 levels, with exams at the end of the first year (AS) and also at the end of the second year (A2).



AS - Spanish/French

Social Issues and Trends

Artistic Culture


Literary texts and films


A Level Topics:

Social issues and trends

Political and artistic culture


Literary texts and films


You will have the opportunity to use C3 Facilities to improve listening and oral skills. It is intended that the language laboratory is for individual Sixth Form use as well as teaching groups. We currently have French and Spanish foreign language assistants for individual or small group speaking practice.

You will read widely, poetry, magazine and newspaper articles, and then well-known French and Spanish books. You will also watch Spanish films.



How will it be delivered?

A Level Examination


Paper 1 - Listening, Reading & Writing


Paper 2 – Writing


Paper 3 – Speaking


50% of A level

2 hrs. 30 mins written examination

100 marks

20% of A Level

80 marks in total

2 hours

30% of A Level

60 marks in total

Oral exam: 21-23 minutes

Entry requirements

Normally a higher grade at GCSE is required (9-4), preferably 6 or above in your chosen language.

Your next steps...

Your language will be useful to you in your future life in a wide range of careers.  Companies are wishing to recruit not just interpreters and translators, but people trained in other areas (from accountancy to zoology) who have a language as an additional skill.  Many Universities have re-designed their courses to enable students to continue the study of a language alongside their chosen subject.