A Level Product Design

Arts, Media and Publishing

Arts, Media and Publishing
Arts, Media and Publishing
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What will you be working towards?

Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Imaginative practical work is at the heart of this A Level. Students will develop intellectual curiosity about the design and manufacture of products. Students will explore, design, create and evaluate innovative solutions in response to realistic design contexts. The course provides a broad and balanced approach to Design and Technology. You will develop knowledge of materials, manufacturing and wider areas of Technology in order to develop skills to make your own products in the production of project work. A Level Product Design (3D) is a very popular, exciting and enjoyable course, which has seen students gain quality results over recent years. The course is very well regarded both by the school and its students. Presently 9 students are studying at AS level and 9 studying at A2 level. Pass rate at A2 level has always been 100%


Lessons will be split between Practical lessons and Theory based lessons.

During Year 12 students will cover set mini projects which will give hands on experience of working with the three main forms of Resistant Materials (wood, metal & plastic). Students will develop knowledge of design and making developing confidence, skills and knowledge.

Students will develop knowledge of where materials are sourced, how they are selected, used assembled and finished on the production of a product. Theory work will examine how products are made and how and why designers need to consider a wealth of information in order to produce products that function and perform well. There will be practice Theory essays and tests to ensure that students understand the theory course content and to demonstrate that this knowledge can be applied correctly when answering exam questions.


How will it be delivered?

AS Modules (first year of the course)

  • Unit 1 - Written Exam -2 hour. 50% of AS/ 25% of A2.
  • Unit 2 - Coursework/project- 50 hours of work . 50% of AS / 25% of A2. Candidates may choose to submit a single design and make project, two smaller projects and/or a portfolio of work.

A2 Modules (second year of the course)

  • Unit3 - Written Exam - 2 hours - 25% of A2.
  • Unit4 - Coursework - 60 hours of work- 25% of A2. Candidates submit evidence of a single substantial designing and making activity.

Entry requirements

The course provides a broad and balanced approach to Design and Technology, which allows students who have studied either Design and Technology or Art at GCSE, to participate successfully in the course.

Students must have successfully completed AS Level in order to progress to A Level.

Your next steps...

A-Level Design and Technology will be accepted for a wide range of degree courses. Many recent pupils who have studied AS/A2 Product Design have gone on to study Design degrees.

The design profession offers a wide range of career opportunities, which include Industrial Design, Furniture Design, Product Design, Automotive Design, Fashion Design and Graphic Design.