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Classical Civilisation

History, Philosophy and Theology

History, Philosophy and Theology
History, Philosophy and Theology

What will you be working towards?

Alternative Title Classical Civilisation
Code 60307262
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Classical Civilisation gives students the unique opportunity to explore the history and cultures of ancient Greece and Rome. These ancient societies remain incredibly relevant to the modern world. Classical Civilisation is far more than simply 'history' from a long time ago: it combines the study of art and architecture; political, military, and social history; morality and philosophy; and some of the world's greatest ever literature. Broadly, students look at the culture of ancient Greece in year one, and of ancient Rome in year two.

How will it be delivered?

Three written Exams; Paper 1 - 40% of A Level, Paper 2 - 30% of A Level, Paper 3 - 30% of A Level

Entry requirements

5 or more standard GCSE passes or higher (grade 4 or higher) including GCSE Maths and either English Language or English Literature at a grade 4 or above. If a student is applying for a course in a subject that they have studied at GCSE it is expected that a student would have achieved at least a standard pass (grade 4) in this subject.

Your next steps...

Classical Civilisation is an enormously respected, highly academic course that both employers and universities greatly appreciate. The training offered in such a wide variety of critical study builds vital transferable skills in communication, argument, and the evaluation of evidence. Students develop a great appreciation of the deepest roots of the modern world and of our culture.


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