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Extended Project Qualification

Social Sciences

Social Sciences
Social Sciences

What will you be working towards?

Code 11
Qualification Type Other Regulated/Accredited Qualification
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time



EPQ allows students to gain a further Level 3 qualification that is worth UCAS points and helps develop a number of skills that are useful for further study or employment. It is a qualification that allows the student to be totally independent and create a project on any topic area that they wish to research. Many students use the opportunity to build on their knowledge of a particular area of personal interest or explore a subject they haven't been able to do through A levels.

Students develop and improve their own learning and performance as critical, reflective and independent learners. They develop and apply decision-making and problem-solving skills and extend their planning, research, critical thinking, analysis, synthesis, evaluation and presentation skills.

A number of the skills that the project develops help students as they can transfer the skills they have developed to other areas of study. A number of universities are now starting to include EPQ in their offers and for some students, this can result in a lower offer if they have taken an EPQ. Please note this does not apply to all courses at all universities, especially courses such as Medicine and Dentistry.

How will it be delivered?

Students need to produce either an individual or group project that consists of a 5000-word report or an artefact with a 2000 word report, a production log and a presentation. The project is marked internally (some projects are requested by AQA for external moderation) and is graded A* - E.

Your next steps...

Other than EPQ developing a number of key skills, being worth UCAS points and meaning possible lower university offers; it also enables students to explore an area they are interested in or passionate about that they haven't been able to access before.


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